Getting started with JavaScript

We’re excited to announce a new course at LearningLine:

Getting started with JavaScript
written by Jason Diamond

The days of JavaScript being a toy language are over. JavaScript is now required knowledge for almost all developers. If you’ve been putting off learning JavaScript or have been just hacking your way around it, then this is the class to get you moving.

Course details:

JavaScript used to be the language that added simple effects and validation to our Web pages. It can still do that, but JavaScript is used for much more than that these days. Full applications are being written in JavaScript. Some people even use JavaScript on the server to power their

This course is designed to introduce programmers already proficient with any other programming language besides JavaScript. You’ll be introduced to its syntax, common idioms, its strange object model, and its roots in functional programming.

The labs for this course will have you working with simple HTML files that you can edit with any text editor on any operating system and run in any modern browser.

Course Objectives
After completing this course, you should be proficient in the following:

  • Run JavaScript in your Web pages
  • Process data with conditionals and loops
  • Use functions and objects to organize your code
  • Perform simple DOM manipulation and event handling

Class schedule (self-paced option available)

Day 1: Enhance your HTML with JavaScript
Day 2: Write basic JavaScript programs
Day 3: Work with Numbers and Strings in your JavaScript programs
Day 4: Work with Arrays and Objects in your JavaScript programs
Day 5: Write object-oriented JavaScript with prototypes


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